Easily Distracted? Low Productivity? Lack of Focus? Feeling Exhausted?

A simple yet powerful productivity hack for you

Gowtham Gr
4 min readJul 6, 2021

Are you a person who easily gets distracted and struggling to stay focused at work? Then this is the right productivity hack for you. After reading this article you will get an easily approachable productivity hack that will work wonders for you. Once you have started to implement it, you will see your productivity skyrocket and finish each day with a sense of accomplishment.

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Trust me I’m not going to insist you follow any kind of meditation technique that our modern-day gurus suggest. Some of us might have tried that also yet we are struggling to stay focused. Isn’t it? At the same time, I’m not against meditation either. Actually, meditation at its core is a way of life, it is very simple. But people nowadays have made it complicated. That’s why for most of us neither it's not working nor suitable.

To excel in material or spiritual life, focus is very essential. But the truth to be told is, the focus is the best skill that we have never been taught. Can’t believe it? Below is the question that has been followed by 7.1k people and has got 600 answers!

How can I stop wanting to learn everything and focus on one thing? At 26, I want to master different programming languages, read books, learn more about life, and be on Quora, because I learn a lot. But that sets me up for easy distraction.

I’m concerned! You should too. We need to admit that we are all completely lost in this busy world. Even kids have a lot of information to juggle nowadays.

Workplace Scenario

At the workplace, how about your ability to focus on the task at hand? Despite working in the agile environment most of us lack productivity. With email, chat, and other notifications popping up, it is hard to focus nowadays.

No one can serve two masters.

Matthew 6:24

That being said we often get distracted at the workplace even on a normal day. Then what about WFH? the environmental challenges and freedom give us more trouble.

Time to Unwrap the Productivity Hack

Most of you guys are already aware of it but somehow you might have failed to implement it or forgot it. That’s why you are here. However, here you can learn to leverage it to succeed in the agile world.

The Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro technique is a revolutionary time management framework that will improve your focus and productivity.

It teaches you to work with time, instead of struggling against it. You will be doing nothing more than working in 25-minute blocks called Pomodoro sessions, followed by 5-minute breaks. After four Pomodoro sessions, you can take a 20–30 minutes break.

Over 2 million people have used it to be more productive and focused.

The implementation of this technique consists of six steps:

  • Choose a Task — Choose any task that requires your full undivided attention. Let’s do that.
  • Set the Timer for 25 Minutes — Shout out to your monkey mind that you are going to work for the next 25 minutes without any interruption.
  • Work on the Task until the Timer Rings — Jump in and immerse yourself during these 25 minutes. You can do this!
  • Short Break — After 25 minutes of satisfactory work, your mind will crave this reward. Step away from your desk and go for a walk or sip a cup of coffee. Then repeat the first step.
  • Long Break — After doing four Pomodoro sessions take a 20–30 minutes break and come completely refreshed.

Ensure to identify and avoid your productivity killers before implementing the Pomodoro technique.

How will it change you?

Once you implement it,

  • You will be learned to simplify and organize tasks
  • You will be learned to organize your time
  • You will be learned to cut down interruptions
  • You will be easily achieved the deadlines
  • You will be satisfied with your effort
  • You will be felt confident
  • Who knows, you will end up being promoted to the next level

The Science behind Pomodoro Technique

Brain Breaks help you concentrate better and fight cognitive boredom —Working for long hours typically will lead to cognitive boredom that takes a toll on our focus. According to a study, brief breaks will help us stay focused on our tasks.

Hence, leverage the Pomodoro technique to stick with the work-break-work that offers.

Taking breaks helps fight decision fatigue — Frequent decisions can reduce your reasoning ability and willpower. That’s why most of the top CEOs wear the same kind of outfit every day.

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A famous study on the decision-making capabilities of Israeli judges revealed that the judges were more likely to grant paroles to prisoners after coming back from food breaks. Before that, due to decision fatigue set in after long hours of work, the rate of parole approvals gradually dropped to near 0%.

Hence, the in-built breaks of the Pomodoro technique will help you to fight decision fatigue.

Now Do It

Try to implement it and see the magic. In case if it’s not working for you, that is your bad and consider this opportunity to evaluate your ability to focus and realize.